Welcome to my ¨Spectacular Lens¨

Artist Statement

My photography is a  personal reflection of a journey that i’ve chosen to share with the world. 
These images are an everlasting imprint into my soul…

A little bit about me….

I Started shooting photography to fund my adventures and simply fell in love with the two.
In my early days you’d find me with a camera on my shoulder and a travel bag nearby ready to go at a drop of a dime.

I’ve had my works published in one international magazine and a local Florida magazine.
I was also written up in the Sun Sentinel.
Most recently my work “A Whales Tale” has been displayed at the Broward Art Guild.
2/21 Black and White Exhibit  In March 2021 Two pieces of art went display in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport located in the t3-t4 connector Transformation & Time Passages.

In July Largo Dreams went on display at the Broward Art Guild Summer Sizzle from 6/30 through 7/23.   
My newest adventure is photo adventure seminars given to children at summer camps.
My most recent  exhibit is located at the Broward Government Annex on Andrews avenue in Fort Lauderdale.
It is in conjunction with Art around town, The community Partnership Development and the Broward Art Guild.
This exhibit will be on display until 10/31/ It is located on the 3rd floor in the hallway area of 301. 

As always,

The best is yet to come….❤️Lisa

Photography of Ms Pellegrino by Penny Fraser